Failure to follow safe laddering practices, use of an unsound ladder, and/or improper storage of the Ladder Lockdown base and accessories, can result in serious injury or death.

Please read the included instructions for proper set up, use, storage and technique, check all equipment for defects prior to each use and check often for updates at theladderlockdown.com/safety-warnings

  • Check all equipment for defects or damage before each use. 
  • Always use 4:1 ratio when setting up your ladder and base. For every 4 feet of laddering height, the base of your ladder should be 1 foot out. – Example: If you’re laddering 16 feet up, your ladder base should be 4 feet out. 
  • Always follow instructions for set up and storage of base and accessories.
  • Most ladders are designed for single-person use.  Follow ladder manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Always work facing the ladder.
  • Do not use Ladder Lockdown base with a defective or broken ladder.
  • Do not use with a ladder without rubber feet.
  • Do not tamper with or remove rubber grip pads.
  • Do not ladder on rooftops, fence tops, half walls, vehicles or other unsafe surfaces.
  • Only use provided hardware, do not substitute ice nails, staples or cam strap.  If damaged, replace immediately.
  • Keep accessories out of reach of children.
  • Do not let children climb ladder alone.
  • Do not use while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Always wear proper shoes when climbing a ladder.
  • Always hold on to ladder with at least one hand.
  • Never move a ladder while standing on it.
  • Move the ladder instead of reaching out too far in any direction. Always keep your belt buckle (belly button) centered with ladder and be sure not to over reach.
  • Always store accessories safely after each use.  DO NOT STORE WITH ICE NAILS OR STAPLES ATTACHED!.
  • Do not place Ladder Lockdown base on loose gravel, wood chips, uneven or loose ground.
  • Be sure to use ice spikes if laddering on ice or frozen ground.
  • Do not use under water.
  • Be sure to use soft ground staples when laddering on soft grass or dirt.
  • Read all safety instructions carefully before use.
  • Check for safety updates at www.theladderlockdown.com/safety-warnings

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